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The requirements for Electric Vehicle Dealership in India are:

  1. A showroom of around 1500-2000 sq ft.
  2. You require a service area of 5 bays.
  3. They need a yard to carry a month’s product.
  4. The desire to purchase a month’s inventory.
  5. Banks can give you loans to purchase stock, with the stock being the collateral.

First of all, access register on Our website and select dealership type that you want the showroom to open. Then open the application tab for the dealership. For example, open the page where you can apply and fill the form to become a dealer. Similarly, any brand as such available in India may be used.

A standard electric Vehicle with 60kWh battery charges under 8 hours. For more electric cars you can purchase a 50kW rapid charger and add up to 100 miles of range.

The addition of solar and wind power capacity in India outpaced the expansion of coal-fired power capacity in 2017. The electricity they produce is now cheaper than coal-fired power (for utility-scale projects). Therefore in combination with higher energy density for li-ion batteries, more affordable power from renewables is ideal for reducing the per kilometer driving costs of EVs far below those of traditional vehicles. Once again, this would generate greater demand from buyers searching for alternatives to ever-volatile expenses for petrol and diesel.

Apart from the benefit of lower pollution level and switching to an eco friendly alternative to protect the planet, there are two main advantages from a rider’s perspective – petrol price and performance. With electric vehicles, there’s no need to spend a lot of money every month on petrol and with the way the fuel prices are being increased, there will come a time when a lot of Indians would think twice before commuting on a petrol powered scooter or motorcycle. The second main advantage is performance. EV scooters deliver maximum torque from the word go which provides an exhilarating experience to the rider and proves extremely useful in city riding conditions.

You need to consider three primary things – the price of the vehicle, performance of the electric motor and the final one is the riding range. There’s a fourth aspect which is charging time, but as of now, majority of the EVs in the market have similar charging time if charged via normal home chargers

You can charge your electric vehicles at multiple places. It can be charged at your residential parking spot, office parking or even shopping malls for that matter. There are also charging points available at multiple public locations as the electric charging infrastructure is improving in India.

Insurance for electric scooters and motorcycles with top speed up of to 25kmph is optional. However, it is always recommended to buy at least third party insurance policy.

You can ride electric scooters in multiple terrains. It is best suited for city as well as highway conditions. It can also be ridden on hills, but expect a decent performance drop in such conditions as the change in gradient puts a lot of pressure on the electric motor. This decreases the performance and also the riding range.